KC Pro Wrestling Academy has changed my life… I had just dropped out of school and was seemingly going nowhere. I could hardly get out of bed for work. That was until I met Hoodie Howlett and started training at the premier spot in KC to become a wrestler. It’s here where I’ve found new work ethic, new passion, and more importantly purpose. I’ve met lifelong friends and have learned lessons about wrestling and about life. Today I wake up every morning eager for the next time I walk into our warehouse and step foot between our ropes. As a lifelong wrestling fan with the aspiration to get to the other side of the guard rail, I am blessed that this school exists and lucky to be a part of it.” – ‘The Monster Slayer’ Scott Tyler – KCPWA Grad

“KCPWA is the spot for all current and aspiring pro wrestlers in Kansas City. Great coaching. Great community of wrestlers with similar goals. Plus, free open ring for experienced wrestlers. This has helped me stay dialed in during the week, and sharpen the blade before getting back on the road during the weekend. If you are an experienced worker looking for ring time, this is your spot. If you’re an aspiring wrestler and need somewhere to train, KCPWA will get you where you need to be..” Campbell Myers – Independent Wrestling Star

“I cannot recommend KC Wrestling Academy highly enough. I credit both Hoodie and Anaya to a lot of the success I’ve found in wrestling, and cannot say enough good things about them as trainers. KCPWA is a great place to not only learn fundamentals, but develop ring psychology and promo/character work, everything you need to flesh yourself out as a professional wrestler. Not only are the beginner classes great, advanced and open ring are fantastic options and resources.” Heidi Howitzer- Independent Wrestling Star

KC Pro Wrestling Academy, I call it the Dream Factory. With hard work and the guidance of experienced coaches, your dreams can become a reality. Pro wrestling is more than just a sport; it embodies a passion, a lifestyle, and a dream waiting to be fulfilled. At KC Pro Wrestling Academy, it’s not solely about the training; it’s about the camaraderie and sense of community that wrestlers find within. The academy fosters an inclusive environment where individuals can learn from one another and form long-lasting friendships along their journey. If you possess an unwavering passion for pro wrestling and a burning desire to turn your dreams into reality, look no further than KC Pro Wrestling Academy. Join them and together pave the way to success, both inside and outside the ring.” – Frass Azab, Warriors Academy KC